CHRISTmas Delivery

       It will be late this night, actually earling Tuesday morning, when Tammy and Kela will get back here to paradise.  I guess it is a parental feeling.   The feeling that Tammy is bringing home a special delivery.  A feeling like she went to cali to pick up our favorite daughter and is bringing her home for the holidays.  But, in all actuality, the package, Kela, has WAY more travel miles logged in her short life, than Tammy and I combined.  I’ve traveled a lot of miles, but mostly in a several state radius.  Tammy and I have been to Mexico a time or two.  Costa Rica once (but need to go again).  I’ve been to THREE (count them 3) different countries.  Kela–has been to more CONTINENTS–North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia–than I have been countries.

     Now, I sit here, waiting on travel updates from the Dragon Lady.  I am watching Diners, Drive Ins & Dives.  Great program.  I watch and listen to the recipes.  I can handle most of the ingredients, but I flinch, cringe and get a bad taste in my mouth, every time that they mention a bell pepper.  I love hot peppers, but I just can’t imagine anything tasting decent if it has a hint of bell pepper anywhere near the food.  That deal just infects everything.  I think that there is an old proverb that involves “Lick a baboon’s butt or eat a bell pepper?”   I ain’t ever licked a baboon’s butt, but I have NEVER had even a decent tasting bell pepper.  Either way is a bad decision, but I would hope that whosoever chose poorly, that the baboon hadn’t wiped with a bell pepper.

      A week ago, the two week forecast showed that NW OK was going to get about 22 inches of snow on the 27th of December.  Some were in a panic.  Now, we are due to get either an inch of rain or 2 inches of frozen rain or it may go north of us or it may be unseasonably sunny.  No matter what, thanks for the forecast that keeps people watching.  I think that I am going to become a weather forecaster when I grow up.  At least, it would be entertaining.  Actually, I think that I will just start watching Yanet Garcia deliver the weather on telemundo or univision, whatever, who cares.  I like the Aussie narrative on Yanet Garcia delivering the weather.  I think that if I watch that weather delivery, I can go into the next kidding season with a can-do attitude.  

    And now for our kidding update–there are No does left to kid in December in the area 3 miles south of Fargo, OK.  Snip kicked out twin doe kids early this morning.  It is nice for a goat to have them on their own, like GOD intended.  Looking towards the future, I would recommend all does to deliver live kids and actually raise them.  Next due dates in the forecast involve recips.  I can’t wait for that bit of rough weather.