Champions Choice and….

Anybody that has a doe or wether from a participating breeder MUST be planning on attending the Champions Choice jackpot next Saturday in Norman, OK. It will be a top notch jackpot with a quality judge and quality goats from quality breeders. Yes, I know it is bedlam gameday, but that will be later that night. The show will be over. Besides, OSU looks better on the radio than they do in real life.

Had an in depth discussion on Thanksgiving Day about the funniest movie of all time. Caveman, with Ringo Starr and Dennis Quaid, was brought up as one that very few remember, but is a funny, yet immature movie. But once Blazing Saddles was brought up, the discussion got serious. If you haven’t watched it in a long time, you need to. It is amazing at the way Mel Brooks made fun of politics, race, religion, sex, etc., etc, etc. And this movie is about thirty years old. You couldn’t make this movie today. The PC police would have stopped it before it was released to regular theaters.. I would only be able to watch it on the IFC channel. Kind of like Pulp Fiction.

Been quoting a lot of old Saturday Night Live lines lately. Once a decade, that show gets the right cast, and it is way good. Funniest thing I ever watched on TV was Chris Farley as a chippendale’s dancer in a dance off against Patrick Swayze. CLASSIC!! Will Ferrell playing cowbell was another great one. I remember the night that Buckwheat was assassinated. (Sp?) Eddie Murphy as Buckwheat singing the hits–“Wookin pa nub in all da wong paces”. Look up and see who the original singer was of that song. He also had a great duet hit called “The YellowRose of Texas”.

Speaking of great songs. Here’s a top ten 9maybe) list for you to look up on itunes.

T’Pau–Heart & Soul

Dropkick Murphy’s–Amazing Grace

Marty Robbins–Ghost Riders in the Sky

Cinderella–Gypsy Road

Jerry Jeff Walker–several

Tesla–Hang Tough

Metallica–Whiskey in the Jar

Waylon Jennings–Lonesome, Onery & Mean


Elvis Presley–Kentucky Rain

Johnny Rivers–Baby, I need your loving

Motley Crue–Live Wire

Don Williams–Lord, I hope this day is good

Red Rider–Lunatic Fringe

John Cafferty–On the Dark Side

Chris Ledoux–This cowboy’s hat

Rolling Stones–Paint it Black

Glen Campbell–Rhinestone Cowboy

Elvis Costello–Veronica

Vince Gill–Cinderella

Eric Johnson–Cliffs of Dover

The Doors–Peace Frog

Iron Maiden–Run for the Hills

Restless Heart–Why does it have to be Wrong or Right? They’ve got several dang good songs.

Sammy Kershaw–Queen of my Double Wide

Eddie Money–Walk on Water

Billy Joel–We didn’t Start the Fire

Garth–Much too young to feel this damn old

George–Blame it on Mexico–maybe his 2nd best song.

Frank–The Way You Look Tonight–if you need to look up the last name of the previous threeartists, then you don’t know music, or you are way too young.

Since it is Christmas time, if you like concerts, then you need to go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We’ve been several times, with the kids. It is one heckuva show.

Speaking of concerts, I love them. I can’t play a tune, but I have witnessed a lot of good musical productions. From AC/DC, KISS & Van Halen to the Nutcracker ballet to Bob Childers in Okeene, OK to Cody Canada in Stillwater to campfire concerts in Luckenbach, TX. Seen and heard some great music in churches.

When I walk in the barn, there is an Ipod that gets fired up with a WIDE variety of music. Classical, pop, country, rap, old rock and hard rock, etc. GOOD music playing loud. If it’s too loud, then you’re too old. Once the music starts, my mood gets better and it is time to go to work.

As I am writing this, Duke is in his room practicing his trumpet playing. He can’t play a note either. He has a C in band. His mom’s fault, not his.

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