Champion’s Choice

     The Champion’s Choice Jackpot is this Saturday.  This will be a top notch show that is giving away a pile of cash.  If you have a goat from one of the sponsoring breeders, I highly recommend that you attend.  The quality of goats will be way good.  The wether show will be deep in quality.  There was a pile of OYE premium sale wethers that showed at this show last year, including the OYE grand.  The doe show will be wicked good.  There will be numerous already champion does that will be there showing.  Take a look at the Champion’s Choice banner on  If you have a wether or doe from one of those breeders, then get to Norman Saturday morning.   

     f you are a breeder of high quality show goats and are interested in becoming a member, come watch the show and talk to some of us members.  It is money, and time, well spent.

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