I think a need a new calendar.  The one’s that I have say that it is the last couple of days of July.  But then I go outside and it is 60 some degrees and wet.  Plus it’s green outside.  WTH?  This can’t be NW OK in July.  The calendar must be wrong.  After 5 years of 113 degree summer days from May to September, I guess it’s good to finally have some cool and wet.  The people that planted sowed feed and milo look pretty smart this year.  The wheat followed by double-crop beans will work.  They should have a heckuva crop.  

      It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, when it is wet, goats get the shits.  I like the moisture.  But, now I am thinking, heck it is almost August, I better get a grazing crop plan together for this winter.  I might want to take advantage of this soil moisture and drill in August.  Triticale vs. wheat.  Turnips?  Maybe some deep tillage radishes. WInter peas?  I might ought to get with Heith Sander and get seed ordered and actually have a plan in place.  Planning ahead?  That’s somewhat a new concept for me.  

      Combine all of my career changes, a cool, wet summer and I don’t even know if I need a calendar anymore.  Things still seem to happen without much planning.  All I know for sure is that when I see pics of me feeding critters at a zoo is that there is more gray than black on my head and I’m thicker than I used to be.  The calendar says that I should start working out tomorrow.  My butt cheek says, “It’s going to be a few more days.  Better buy pants with a bigger waist, fat ass.”  Once again, the calendar is wrong.  

      Have a good day and a better tomorrow, no matter what month or date it is.  Stay flexible but not limp.