Last week, I was buried under at work.  I wasn’t able to go to lunch, stayed after hours and literally had customers lined up waiting to get to me in my office.  Last Thursday, I was at my desk dealing with a customer when the florist walks in with a potted plant with an orange & black bow on it.  I said, “Who the hell is that for?”  She said, “The name on your door and your desk matches the name on the card–Chris Kelln.  Here.”  She sat the plant on my desk and walked out. 

     I briefly stared at it, trying to figure out what it was.  The customer said, “Wow, somebody must really like you.  They sent you spinach.”  I finished that tractor deal and the next customer walked in my office.  He looked at the plant and said, “Who sent you the ornamental cabbage?”   Huh, I thought, it does look like cabbage.  I said, “I don’t know?”  He said, “Well, what’s the card say?”  I said, “I’m scared to look.”  But I did.  There was no name on it other than mine.  All it said was, “I want to tear you open like a bag of Special K.” 

     Tammy swears it wasn’t her.  Nobody at work has laid claim to it.  I’ve gotten several laughs out of it.  I haven’t had time to pursue the culprit.  But, I give them credit.  If they would have sent flowers, not very funny.  But a basket of ornamental cabbage.  That’s original. 


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