Busy Week

Some weeks are just busier than others.  Shattuck FFA held their now annual Ag Olympics on Tuesday night. Lots of excited kids as well as parents and community people that came to watch.  The hog calling contest was off the charts fun.

Just to give you an idea of how important this event is to the kids and school–Shattuck is a bit of a football school.  Currently defending state champions, a national record winning streak and home to 11 state titles.  We had a scheduling conflict with a jr. high football game.  How did Shattuck schools handle it?  They canceled the football game.

We also had a deal that had to be submitted to nationals by Tuesday, some state fair entry due dates and a state FFA due date.

Now throw in the Ellis County Fair is this week.  We won’t show a pile of animals this time of year.  However, it is an assignment for every student to enter a project of some sort.  This was assigned weeks ago and in typical fashion, there are some kids in panic mode trying to finish them up this week.  And just for added measure, we also run the concession stand at the fair.

I needed to CIDr up some does but have yet to find time to do that.  But it is on my radar to get a few bred for Feb. babies.

Have a good one.

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