Busy schedule

It has been extremely busy at work. Get there early and leave late. After a year and a half of drought, this is a good problem. Selling equipment, looking at trades, picking up equipment, paperwork, hiring, firing, scheduling truck deliveries, etc, etc. This doesn’t leave much time to take care of goats. The Dragon Lady has been doing part of my chores here lately. It’s hard to find time to clip sale does. Probably going to enlist some help. Only got two does left to kid this month and they are two days past due.

It could be worse. I could still be teaching.

Even though we’re swamped. The wind was calm just before dark last night, so Duke and I broke out shotguns and shot some rock. He might have wasted some shells, but then he got dialed in. Little things like that can be real fun and a stress reliever.

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