I apologize to all of you that are needing a fix of info from this little blog.  I’ve been a tick busy.  It has been hard to keep up with a blog or checking the chive for the past week.  This self-employment deal requires some time.  It also requires some record keeping.   I’ve recently heard stories of some ag teacher complaining/emailing about reports due.  Well, he better stick to careertech reports, because reports in the real world get a little more serious.  Sometimes, you have to priortize and decide which stuff HAS to be done, which needs to be done and what can wait.  

     We had several days of 100% chances of rain this past holiday weekend.  Guess what?  Those weather people were RIGHT!  And we totaled .3″ out of that 4 days of guaranteed rain.  It did drizzle, a slow stream, like a wether goat with a urinary calculi problem.  You just wanted the stream to cut loose and flow.  But, not to complain, that 3/10ths is way more than we had.  Plus, the wind hasn’t been howling like a gutshot comanche on an old John Wayne movie.  

     Speaking of weather.  It was a perfect evening to sit at the baseball field at Fargo and watch a summer league double header baseball game(s).  Windows down, kicked back, watching some sub-par baseball. Of course, Duke thought it was a little creepy that Braden and I parked the ’93 Chevy van next to the foul pole on the left field side and watched the second game from that vantage point.    Shattuck won both games 17-1 and 18-2.  CLOSE!

      The Dragon Lady and Audra took my mom and Audra’s mom to the tipsy artist tonight. Tesha Bruce and Randi Sweet also attended.  I haven’t been invited to a Tipsy Artist event–(seems like I could fit in).  It is obviously big fun as Tammy and Audra have gone twice and are ready for the next one.  The paintings that they bring home don’t look as bad I would do.  

      Got a full day planned tomorrow of washing, drying, clipping and photoing doe kids for an online sale.  Really nice set of doe kids.  Although, some of you are waiting/wanting/expecting me to have some flying off the handle rant since I quit my job, going to raise goats for a living, kind of life altering career path deal….it’s like prom night and you are just going to have to wait.  Because I don’t have to give what you want right now.