Every year, every sale I see the same thing. People will tell you that they have a dollar amount to spend, say $500. They will show up and look at the stock. As a breeder, I try to steer them to the best goat that will be in their price range. But no, they spend all of their time studying the goats that are going to bring several thousand, instead of working to find the green ones that will be in their price range. It is easy to find the real good ones. Its just hard to pay for them. At almost every sale there are really good goats that will slip through the cracks. Talk to the breeder, find out which ones have a chance to feed, but just don’t look the part today. Most breeders will steer you in the right direction. Budget your time and your money. The more a person studies the great ones, it makes it harder to look at the green ones that just aren’t quite there yet.

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