The cold has arrived in Oklahoma.  We aren’t seeing any moisture in the NW part of the state, but it sure like the SE quadrant is getting some wicked ice, cold and wind.  One thing about raising goats during frozen winter, I wish there was a better way to provide fresh water to them.  It seems like breaking ice and letting them get a good drink is about the best way.  Tank heaters just don’t seem to work quite right.  Automatic waterers and goats just don’t jive.  

     As far as the Champion’s Choice Jackpot, we will wait until Friday morning to see what the conditions in Norman look like before deciding to show, cancel or reschedule.  No matter what we do, it won’t work for everyone.  It will be very hard to re-schedule.  Even if we have it, the #s will be down no matter what happens between now and then.  Several have already decided not to attend.  Others have already decided to stay home and watch the Bedlam game.  Still, others have made it clear that if we have the show, they will be there.  We’ll wait and watch the weather and then make a decision in the best interest of everyone.  

     Make sure that your show goats are getting a good drink at least twice a day.  They may need an extra blanket or layer to keep warm.  Breeding stock need at least one good drink per day. If using heat lamps, double check them so that nothing catches fire.  Check your pets.  

      Stay warm, stay safe and have a good day.