Thursday is becoming my favorite day.  The day before was HUMP day.  Tomorrow is friday and everything gets better on friday.  But, Thursday has things that bounce.  Both of my brothers can dribble a basketball better than I, but neither are as good at things that bounce as I am.  I like it.

       Contracts–If I need to sign one to show a goat, I’m out.  Goats–contracts–they don’t bounce.  

       I like walking into the kidding barn and hearing that unmistakable “spulunk” sound of a fresh kid hitting the ground.  First time doe and she drops a pair of twins on her own, bounces around and goes to cleaning them, then hovers over them to let them nurse.  My friends, I don’t care what business you are in, but if the females bounce to do their job, then things are good.  

      If a doe won’t produce at this piece of paradise, I cut the tags off and haul her ass to a sale barn.  I don’t want to help propagate the world with common goats.  It’s hard enough to raise a good one and dang neart impossible if there isn’t a good momma around.  Let me reiterate the fact, for the 2nd day in a row, that if they can’t raise them, get rid of them.  No welfare plan here, because it doesn’t work.  

       I know that I gripe about does, but I really likey a good one, that does a really good job of raising kids and if they are really having good kids, well, I get a little bit of bounce to me.  

       I likey auctions that are entertaining.  I didn’t have time to watch the retired doe auction, but it is very apparent that several people eat crayons.  How about that deal?  We can’t have a good sale at OYE, but they can sell the hell out of them in a retired doe auction a week later.  Looks to me like there is a viable market for those that truly want to sell their does.  

      It is a Thursday evening, and I have a bounce in my step tonight.  The governor showed up and blessed my goats tonight.  The goats HAVE to be worth more since the governor touched them. Maybe, just maybe, he will actually run for office when the time comes.   

      What happened to the band Restless Heart?  Those dudes made some killer good music.  And then, pfft, they were gone.  ?

       You never know when life is going to show up and bounce something off of you.  Sometimes, you can see the ball coming at you, but you can’t move quick enough.  And then, it bounces off of you.  Do you squint?  Or do you bounce up and get ready for the next one?  I can tell you without a doubt, that on this Thursday evening, that I am going to bounce up on Friday morning and try to sort all of this out.  I have a wierd habit of letting some big decisions be decided by the next song. And, it has worked out very well for me.  Well, on this Thursday evening, that next song was “Rockstar” by Nickleback.  I really like that song.  It makes me bounce.   And I am going to have to find a way to make this deal work as the next song was way good also.  

     If you can’t have a good time and help somebody else while doing it, then don’t bother.  I may seem like I don’t like something, but if there is a good time to be had, kids to help and well, something bounces, I’m all in.  Unless, it is a check that bounces.  Then, I don’t want any part of it.  


       Now, for the fun part, rewind your thoughts as to what gave you happy thoughts of things that bounce.  Dirty.  Just plain dirty.