Bo knows…

that it is dang cold outside today.  At least the wind isn’t howling like a gut shot comanche.

     Saturday night, I watched the ESPN 30 for 30 special about Bo Jackson.  I have watched several of these programs and they are very well done.  The best one was the Pony Excess about the SMU scandal in the eighties.  This one about Bo Jackson was very well done.  A lot of people don’t remember just how good an athlete Bo was.  I still think he should be in the Hall of Fames.  You couldn’t get more famous than Bo was. 

     He was very well marketed by Nike which generated a pile of cash for Nike and Bo.  I’ve done some other reading on Bo Jackson and he wasn’t just a jock.  He did a very good job of investing his money and owns several successful businesses.  He also finished college.  He hasn’t had any scandals or personal problems.  He just got hurt.

     Of course, watching this makes me feel kind of old.  I guess that I should start getting used to that.  You know why?  I am getting old…and fat and gray headed.  I can’t do anything about the first and I probably won’t do anything about the other two.

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