Everything that I have is 4 sale–almost.  It’s just that some things will be harder to get bought than others.  I was looking around my barn this evening and realized that I have too many of a certain useful item.  I, actually we, have too many scales.  I have one set that is on semi-permanent loan that is currently being used southwest of Shattuck.  Duke has the set that he won at the Phoenix hog sho, which ironically, weighs a large # of goats and very few hogs. Oh and the occasional fat dad.  Why don’t more shows give out cool crap like the ANLS gives out?  Scales, showboxes, buckles, platters, big ass banners, etc.  

     If you are in need of a set of scales, I know where a set is available.  Give me a holler if interested.  They need cleaned up but are in working order.  If I clean them up, the price goes up.  As-Is, they are pretty reasonable.  If you want them–Call me.

     There may also be a pretty new gooseneck aluminum trailer with penning system available.  It isn’t as nice as Dunkin’s or Mikey’s but a dang nice trailer.  Beings how it is pretty new, it isn’t mine.  But if you are looking for a fairly new trailer, Call me and I can hook you up with the dude that has it.  

      I also know where a killer set of 8-9 weight heifers are going to be 4 sale.  I mean WAY GOOD.  Good bone, structure, deep bodied, great lines–the kind that will be great cows and they are genetically backed to make WAY GOOD cows.  These aren’t feedlot quality, they are keeper kind.  All black, predominately Angus with a shot of Maine, Simmy or Herf.  Odds are, they are better than your cows.  If you need something like this, call me and I will hook you up with that dude.  He’s running out of hay, wheat pasture and patience, but these girls are good.  Call me. 

      Heck, while we are at it–if you need a good to great goat–guess what, call me.  You know what?  If you need a POS kind of goat, I don’t have one, but I can hook you up.  Just call me.  

What about a used tractor or baler?  I’ve got ’em.  Call me.

If you need financing on used equipment, I know a guy.  Call me.  

This is like a Blondie song–Call Me.  Remember that band from the 70s.  Go download some Blondie tunes.  They have held up to the test of time.  Whether you like them or not, when you hear the songs, you know them.  

Today’s random thought that doesn’t mean anything.  I like the Dos Equis commercials.  You know, the supposed Most Interesting Man in the World.  Those things are well written.  They even have the nuts to say: ” I don’t usually drink beer, but…”    My favorites:

  1. He lives vicariously through himself.
  2. Bigfoot tries to get pictures of him.–Duke’s favorite
  3. His pillow is cool on BOTH sides– my favorite

     I haven’t met him, but I would be willing to bet that if the most interesting man in the world spent a week with Big I, Milligan, Big Bill and myself, that he would probably drink more beer and he would probably also find that he doesn’t have as cool of stories as he thought.  Are we interesting?  I think not.  Borderline retardation–that’s us.