Blondes or brunettes

     Everybody has preferences.  Blondes or brunettes.  Tall or short.  Athletic build or not so much.  Top heavy or not.  I don’t know why it is hard for some people to understand why you would want to know who is judging a show.  I want to know who is judging Tulsa or OYE before I start buying goats.  Everybody has a preference–size, muscle vs. pretty, hard handle vs. will take some cover, some judges like red ones, some won’t use a paint, etc.  

     There is nothing wrong with a scouting report on a judge.  Coaches know if a ref calls fouls or lets them play.  Does an ump call a tight strike zone or does the zone grow as the game goes on?  This doesn’t have anything to do with politics.  It is just knowledge.  How do you find out what a judge prefers?  Watch them judge.  Or talk to people that you trust that have seen them judge.  


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