Big Weekend

What a weekend.  Duke, Mikey and I traveled south.  It was worth the trip to see that high of quality of wethers for sale.  Lots of rumours about this set of goats.  Who bought what before hand, where the high sellers went, etc, etc,…  Doesn’t make a rat’s donkey in the end.  The good feeders and showers will rise to the top.  My opinion was that was one heck of a top shelf set of wethers.

Sunday was not only mother’s day, but also Kela’s 21st birthday.  We had a large turnout on a  really hot May 8 Sunday.  Big fun.  As everybody knows, it doesn’t take much for me to find an excuse to smoke ribs and round steak as well as the required side dishes.  Also clipped some prospect wethers while still on the doe.  I am really high on this set of goats–wethers & doe kids.

Also put out fresh salt and mineral for all goats.  It is amazing how easy it is to forget simple, cheap things like salt and mineral.  I almost never run out, but I don’t check it on a daily basis. 

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