Big Weekend

       This past weekend was packed with sales in Oklahoma.  There were 4 sales within about 90 miles of each other in a 27ish hour window.  Where to begin?

I can start with telling you that as a seller, buyer, spectator, etc, etc.  that I was wore smooth out.  I can also tell you that I am not very good at keeping little goats looking the part with all of the traveling, humidity and just the fact that I had too many irons in the fire.  However, I am like Elmo, just plain tickled at the homes that my goats found.

 I want to personally thank all that helped me get stuff done.  Thank You!


Here’s what I saw this weekend.

Friday night had a really nice set of goats that were well worth the money.  I bought a Despain wether out of a Joe Dirt daughter that I really like for the money.  He has a chance.  This sale had an excellent set of breeders that brought good goats. I probably should have bought more.  There will be banners hung by goats that sold on Friday night.   Well run sale with a good crowd and good goats.  I’ll be back.

Circle of Champions at Norman.  Wide variety of goats.  Some older, some weaned and bloomy, some weaned but not bloomy, some still nursing momma.  Does & wethers.  Some with nuts.  Does sold real well.  The top end wethers sold real well.  Nothing stupid high, but really good sale.  There were enough numbers that there were some bargains to be had.  I sold 9 wethers and 4 doe kids.  They found really good homes.  Let me reiterate, they found REALLY good homes.  This sale went smooth and in a timely fashion.  I was honored to sell with Helms, Ralph Shafer and Cramblett.    Great set of people that sold and worked to make this sale go smooth.  HUGE tip of the cap to Bree Taylor and Braden Schovanec for setting up goats.  That wasn’t an easy job with the humidity.  Also need to mention Kalen Miller.  Helms might give him a paycheck, but Miller’s a good hand.  I bought a Helms wether and a Ralph wether (maybe more).  Those have been my stand by breeders for almost a decade.  If you like a Helms or Ralph goat when they are borderline skinny, you will really like them in a month or so.  


Pfeiffer’s had a really good set of wethers.  Expertly presented.  The wethers looked top shelf.  The finest sale facility that you will find in OK, maybe anywhere.    I didn’t eat, but Jerry had the crowd taken care of with pork chops.  And a HUGE crowd.  I saw a couple of BIG time wethers and they sold big time.  I didn’t get one bought, but I saw several that I wanted.  The Pfeiffer family puts on a top shelf event.  Throw in MR. Jack Staats in an arm sling and you had one heckuva goat event.   Goats sold really well.  Tip of the cap to the Pfeiffer’s for a very well run sale.    It won’t be long and you will see magazine pics of goats from this sale.  


Milligan’s Saturday Night Live Sale was off the hook.  Thanks to Tommy and Julie for inviting us.  I knew it would go well.  But whew!  That was a DANG nice crowd for a bunch of low renters llike Milligan, Hardin, Poe and myself.  The goats were wore out but still found good homes.  Once again, things went smooth.  Millilgan has a a force for a crew of helpers.  Poe was in Aruba, but thanks to Kory Dietz and others, his stuff was well taken care of.  The Hardins and their crew know how to take care of business.  And as I’ve stated before, NOBODY has help like I have.  And the best thing, all of these people work together.  You’ve never seen a sale, off a slab of concrete, on a gravel hillside, at dark, surrounded by wet grass and possible mudholes, like this deal.  

     And then things got interesting after the sale.  I was well behaved.  Seriously.  I was way well behaved for the weekend.  Other than losing a belly roll contest to Ring’s youngest, I did nothing wrong this whole weekend.  I think  the humidity had me wore down.

     Got home Sunday about noon.  Met up with a cool dude from Nebraska that screwed me out of some yearling Rainman’s and ONE Rumour doe.  I want to see how these does match up with his Rumour Has It buck kid that he owns part of.  Maybe the best buys of the weekend.  My fault.  I priced them.  Ron said, “Fill the box.”  


PS–The actual best buys of the weekend did NOT involve a goat.  There was a flea market in Norman, at the fairgrounds, literally feet from the goat sale.  I bought a PILE of 22 LR ammo for almost nothing.  Big Bill bought an antique wheelbarrow for Momma Taylor.  They test drove it first Friday night.  Brooke was a brave soldier riding in the wheelbarrow.  My opinion–I got a helluva buy on 22 shells.  Bill can double his money on the wheelbarrow.  


PSS–Seriously, I want to thank all that I dealt with this past weekend.  I have GREAT help.  From Brandon Bruce and Duke washing and clipping to Bill & Bree Taylor, Mikey(RUSM? they don’t have to be 9 to show at OYE?) Thompson, to Braden & Travis Schovanec and ALL the others.  


PSSS–that looks like a pork problem of some sort.  If you can’t tell by all that I have written, there are a lot of really good people involved in the goat industry.  The fact that there were 4 good sales in Oklahoma shows that there is a really strong market.