Big Fun

Duke went and spent the weekend with Kela in Stillwater. I had decided to work does and burn horns Saturday afternoon. Yes, it was damn hot, but it needed done. Since Duke was gone, I had to use the Dragon Lady to help sort does and hold kids. This isn’t a good thing. Duke is phenomenal at catching and sorting goats. Tammy tries hard but not so good. Of course, I am an ass and it is my fault that it doesn’t go right. Oh well.

We caught every doe and vaccinated with 5 ccs of Covexin 8. Trimmed a few hooves. Sorted off does that are due the end of July. Then sorted off a set and gave them 2 ccs of lutalyse. We will give them 2 more ccs on the 13th to induce heat. I will turn a buck with them on that day also. Should have babies the middle of December. We survived this ordeal.

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