Best ROCK Duets

      When you think of the G.O.A.T. duet, you don’t think of rock duets.  Seriously!!  When I think of duets, there are only a couple of names that come to mind—-Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie & Michael Jackson.  Those people had huge hits that were duets.  

       My favorite duets of all time-regardless of genre?   

Ebony & Ivory–Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney–also the Eddie Murphy & Joe Piscopo SNL version (I think that I have written this before.)

You’re the one that I want–Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta–that song is probably the reason that Grease is still a popular movie.  

Islands in the Stream–Kenny & Dolly


Country music has a huge list of great duets.   Dan Seals & Marie Osmond, Nellie & Tim McGraw, Reba & Linda Davis, Tammy & George, Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett.  

But…rock duets?   Ain’t no Skynyrd on this list.

Aerosmith & Run DMC sticks out.  But that is rock and rap.  

     Let’s go with a song that may be more pop, but may be recognized as more rap because of a remake by Vanilla Ice using the tune….however, Queen & David Bowie–Under Pressure.   NOPE!!  Too poppy.   Sonny & Cher?  Too poppy.  


#3  How about Ozzy & Lita–Close My Eyes Forever?  There we go.  That one rocks.  

#2  Any duet with Meat Loaf.  YES!!!   Several to choose from.  His duets could take up spots 2, 4 &5.  

#1   And it has a goat connection.  Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty with Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.  This song is now 40 years old and still sounds the part.  

        And the goat connection, you ask?   Well hell, the grand wether at OYE this year was sired by Tom Petty.  At least a goat named Tom Petty. 

Which brings up the question….what happened to the buck named Cobain?  




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