Best of the West

       How to sum up the weekend?  OUCH?!?!?  I’m too old for this crap.  But, dang it was fun. If you can’t do something and  have fun doing it, then why do it?


The sale was off-the-hook good.  I say this and my goats brought the average down.  But that is okay.  Tyke brought a  dang good set and they sold well–averaged real well.  They will be taking pictures next spring.  Joe Dirt continues to sire good goats that will sell, feed and win. There was 2 Helms wethers and they ended up in top notch homes.  That pair will be heard from come March.  I’ll bet you.  No, I didn’t buy them.  But two of my favorite showmen (women) got them.  Lamle  sold a dang nice wether that should be heard from if things go right.  My wethers, well, let’s be honest, they brought the average down.   That’s fine.  Hopefully, I have a story or two come March.  That is the great thing about an auction.  Let the public decide their value.

     This sale had the  best set of doe kids that have been offered.  PERIOD!  Way good.  Helms brought a set and they sold well, real well.  Tyke sold a nice pair.  Milligan brought a nice breeding piece and Schoovy stole her.  I let a Rumour doe kid go and she went to a hell of home.  When one sells, you see who got it and if it is a good home, you don’t really care what it brought.  She will feed and I can watch it.  It will be fun.  

     Speaking of selling doe kids.  How about Big Ern?  i like somebody that knows what they want and then goes and gets it.  I had that attitude once (still) and I went out and got me a Dragon Lady.   Hunh!  Still got her and the attitude (mine & hers).  

     Sale wrap up.  Great weather, good location, great crowd, way deep quality of wethers and does.  Once again, our crew of people, kids, Gaisfords, breeders, etc, were off the hook good.  SMOOTH was how this sale ran.   Any hiccups were directly attributable to ME.  Why?

     Sunday evening was fabulous.  Good food, better people, great weather and watermelons.  What??   Watermelons?   Yeah, watch out for watermelons as they will cause you problems.  What kind of problems  you ask?

Well, the gator needs a bath, Milligan used watermelon for a hair care product and it looks like a crime was committed in front of our mailbox.  Yes, at least a dozen small melons were murdered.  Smart?  NO.  Off the hook fun.  YES!!  We took retardation to a whole new level.  And Bill had already gone home.  

     RUSM??  Me driving the gator, 25 mph, Milligan or Schoovy tossing melons, car headlights like the field of dreams, baseball bat hitting a melon, get me another one, wow.  Off the hook fun.  All FIVE Schoovy’s hit a melon.  Yes, momma Schoovy hit one.  TravAss showed why he was a helluva ballplayer.  Even Ring made contact.  Ha!!! He blew that melon up on Milligan like a prom queen with bulemia. (sp Whatever).  The only thing that we were missing was a mariachi band and Big I.  

      We had plenty of food, fun and you can’t ever have enough good fellowship. I’m honored to sell goats with the people that sold with us today.  Thanks to the buyers, bidders and anybody else that had a part in this deal.  

     Did I mention that Scott Comstock chaffurered us around Ellis County in the ’93 Chevy van?  We should have put more air in the air bag suspension on the rear axle of the van.  But we didn’t.  Still, way big fun.  If you don’t know Scott Comstock or his daughter Chesley, then you need to.  They are the kind of people that make you better for knowing them.  Why?  It is a true family project.  They set their budget, set goals, works towards a goal  then help everybody else around them–no animosity, but a strong desire to do well.  They are the kind of people that their competitors love to see win.  You ask me about my weekend, and I would tend to point towards watermelons, food, fun, good goats and what else could you want?  They just don’t sell tickets for this kind of fun.  What’s the term?   You should have been here.  

     The best part of the weekend.  Tammy had Kela dialed in on some “facetime” or similar BS.  I don’t want Kela to come home until she is ready to come home, but I like seeing her, even on the video feed.  Better yet, the rest of the crew gets in a good mood when they see/talk to Kela.  It’s a good thing when you can chase your dreams knowing that you can come home when need to.  in the words of a modern day genius (not Mikey or myself, but Larry the Cable Guy)–“Git ‘er Done”.