Best of the West

     The Best of the West sale was yesterday.  This was an outstanding set of wethers.  The best set of wethers sold in Oklahoma this year.  All six breeders brought quality.  The good ones brought good money, $3-6K.  There were some bargains.  There will be premium sale wethers from this sale.

     We had a very good crowd and the facilities at Woodward are very good.  We had lots of help running the sale.

     Saturday was an eventful day.  I was at the store until noon. Then headed home to shear goats.  The only problem was that my arms were blistered up, so I was basically resigned to pointing, talking crap and self-medicating.  I had a pile of help that bailed me out.  Kela, Braden, Schoovy, Big Bill, Tyke, Nip and Madison were sweating, but all the wethers were sheared, does clipped and goats sorted.  A big thank you to all of our helpers.

     Sunday was fun day.  We made sure everything was set up at the fairgrounds and then headed to Fargo for supper.  Rusty and Marla Thomas came to the house for a cajun shrimp/crawdad boil.  Lots of friends were there.  Rusty put on a show for everybody.  It was fun. 

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