Bedlam Game Day

     The older I get, the less I like going to the actual games.  One, because I can’t sit in one spot very often.  Two, I require a driver to get me home.  And three, I usually don’t get much done the following day.  I always have a large time at the games.  I actually prefer to listen to the games on the radio.  I can keep working or driving and listen. 

     I don’t know if the Pokes can go into the snake pit at norman and win or not.  It won’t suprise me if they win or get beat.  Either way, I’ll still be an OSU fan tomorrow.  Speaking of games, I’ll probably try to catch part of the Notre Dame game. 

     We had Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  Had both of my brother’s families, my parents, a cousin and a couple of uncles.  There were several references to the movie “Secondhand Lions” regarding my uncles.  If you haven’t seen that movie, I highly recommend it. 

     Probably going to see a pile of goats in the next day or two.  Trim hooves, check finish and showmanship, rough out some does, etc.

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