Barn Blind Bucks

Lots of people are barn blind on their buck kids this year. They sit at home and look at their goats and the goats seem to get better the longer they think about it. The good bucks bring a pile of money. The common ones are hard to get rid of. Seems like everybody is leaving the nuts in a lot of prospects. This is a trend that isn’t necessarily good. I’ve looked at wether prospects at numerous farms that I’ve offered $1,000 for to show as a wether. Nice goats, not great ones. Nope, we’re going to leave the nuts in him. Amazing. If it isn’t out of a proven doe and the goat won’t bring several thousand as a wether, he’s probably not good enough to be a buck. You have to cut a lot of those so called buck prospects if you want to be successful in the wether show ring.

The matings for a buck should be planned. A buck needs to come from proven genetics.

Several of the people that I help have wanted to leave the nuts in prospects. Would you use him? Would he help you build your herd? If no, then cut him. I’ve had several come to the house to show them what a buck prospect should look like. And I show them wethers that I have banded. I banded a pair that would bring a pile as bucks. Out of a proven mating. I want them shown. There is enough bucks in the world already. They realize quickly that they have no business leaving the nuts in their prospect. It is easy to get barn blind. But then, you step out into the bright light and you realize maybe he’s just a really nice goat.

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