I’ve got a lot of important stuff to say.  But, I realize, that I really just need to shut the heck up and not say anything.  What I can say, is that I really enjoyed watching the Preakness today.  That jockey wasn’t working the whip, the horse was responding quick and he had a lot of gas left in the tank.  Three weeks is a long time and there are horses that are trained just for the long run at the Belmont.  The odds are not in California Chrome’s favor.  But I like it.  

       I like a good horse race.  I could REALLY like it if I lived closer to a track.  Tyke went with me to a track ONCE!  He has a a story of a local black guy, betting the local’s advice, winning, buying ice cream and beer, some fake ones, more betting, more winning, of course….more beer.  That hotel was nice.  BIG bathroom.  Big enough that Duke would NOT get in the bath without a swim suit and a snorkel.  “That tubs too big to be a bath tub.  I’ve got to go swimming.”  He was 4.  He did cannonballs off the side of the tub.  The Dragon Lady was a little bit pissy.  Nonetheless, that was a fun day at the tracks.  

      It’s a good Saturday night.  Not real good.  Just good.  I hope everybody had a good to really good Saturday night.