As I sit here at my desk, in front of this mac screen, wondering, I realize that I need some tunes.  Def bet.   Better yet some Tesla.  Anyways, I am just wondering.  I’m wondering what this weekend has in store for me.  Work or fun?  Will it cost me money? Will I learn anything?  I bet that I do.  I tend to learn something new everyday.  Some of this learning translates into “Crap, don’t do that again.”  While other experiences lead me to “That was fun.  Let’s try that again.”   We will find out.  The anticipation is exhilarating.  

     I also watch online auctions and you guessed it, with great anticipation.  And this Cinco de Mayo looks like a good day to sell RED goats.  Halfman is selling a killer kool red doe and Fleming is selling a solid red wether that looks like he would cost a pile if he wasn’t red.  It is with anticipation that I wait on major show judges to use goats of color.  For I have a dream…..

     I think that I will stop there.  I’ve never understand the color barrier in livestock.  Gray, yellow or red steers should be able to compete with blacks.  And they do now.  I’ve used a Dorset wether to win a sheep show…  without a doubt it was the best lamb there.  And that includes the champion Suffolk that ended up being a class winner and 3rd overall Suffolk at Tulsa.  The Dorset was better than as well.  I’ve used Polands, Berks and Herefords to win.  I don’t care about breed or color.  I just like good stock.  The best heifer that I have ever laid my good eye on was RED.  Why are we still waiting on goat judges to catch up?  

      All that I really know is that it is GREEN in paradise.  We have had numerous rains.  We have been anticipating these rains.  So have the frogs and water dogs that are enjoying the wet weather.  Thank GOD!  I hope that you had a good one today and I anticipate a better tomorrow.