Another day

       I guess that I entered my birthdate into the dang facebook deal when I signed up.  I don’t know if it was required or not when I registered on that deal, but I wish it wasn’t out there.  Not that I care if anybody knows my age (43), but it is just another day.  Thanks for all that sent me messages.  I especially like the really prepared, smart-ass message I got from a certain DR. Clark.  Truly, the honor is mine.  

       It’s a known fact that I don’t watch a pile of basketball games.  However, I made it inside to watch the end of the women’s ncaa championship game.  UCONN vs Notre Dame.  Of course, I would have preferred the Irish win.  I do think that the women play a better brand of ball and do things right.  Why?  There isn’t the allure of money that the men deal with.  Money screws up a lot of things–in stock shows as well as sports.  Notre Dame has an incredibly successful b-ball team, but this UConn deal is un-precedented.  Men’s & Women’s.  Especially considereing that both programs were built from the ground up since 1990 ish.  Historically, I have watched a pile of Okie State games in real life.  And I have watched an ass-load of class A & class B b-ball games back in the late 80s.  But mostly, I was watching a Dragon Lady play.  She was good, real good.  But, I still have a visual of her in those shorts.  I’m just saying that they fit well. 

       What does this mean in the goat world?  It means never under-estimate the desire to do well.  Hard work and preparation will pay off.  That coach of UConn is impressive to watch and listen to in an interview.  It is VERY evident that he knows what he is doing.  Cocky?  NO!  Extremely confident is the term that I like.  I’m not out of line in saying that maybe the two best basketball coaches of all-time were women’s coaches–Geno Auriemma and Pat Summitt.  

      Money screws up a lot, but also motivates some to do well at a stock show.  We would show if there wasn’t any prize money.  But, I also wouldn’t want to drive to San Angelo every November if it only paid $50 to win a class and $250 to win the show.  A little more than that and our crew is ready to roll.  

      Competitvely, ball games are great, but a fairly judged stock show is better.