Another day

It has slowed down at work, which is always the case for January. It takes a while in the morning and a while in the evening to get chores done in the barn. It is a little different this year, as the weather has been warmer. But we have to be prepared for it to get cold. Maybe, even later today. So far, the babies are healthy and the does are milking good. Been having some trouble getting a buck to breed, but several others are picking up the slack for him. I don’t think they mind the extra work.


Does anybody even watch abc, nbc or cbs anymore? All their news talks about is the presidential crap. They don’t have any good regular tv shows. We watch more discovery channel and animal planet than anything at our house. Not to mention, Law & Order re-runs at 3 am. Oh, and the occasional Triple D, (DIners, Drives Ins and Dives) Even the BCS championship game was on ESPN. The people that watch that reality crap on the regular channels are probably the same ones that screwed up our last presidential election and will probably do the same this time.

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