Weaned a set of kids recently. I bred 3 does to kid around the 1st of March. It turned out to be my kind of buck/doe ratio. Six kids born–5 wethers, 1 doe kid and that one doe kid is way good. Burnt horns on the mid April kids. Disbudding is not a fun management practice. Sasha is the only one around our place that likes it. She loves the crispy horn buds. She snatches them up like they are candy.

If you haven’t been watching the Discovery channel, then you need to start. They have a show called Frozen Planet with Alec Baldwin narrating. This is one well designed, outstanding video, great story telling tv program. I have always loved animal shows, books, magazines, watching them, etc. This is the best animal program since Marty Stouffer’s Wild America shows that used to air on PBS. It is all about wildlife in the Arctic and Antarctica. The video shots are phenomenal. Duke and I highly recommend it. We have also been watching River Monsters on Animal Planet. Pretty good viewing.


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