Almost only

counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  The Pokes almost pulled that one off Saturday night.  They actually should have won, the defense was just flat wore out.  This was the first time that I thought OSU had comparable talent and coaching as compared to ou.  Considering it was at norman and we had our 3rd string quarterback, that was a heck of a game.  I am not an ou fan at all, but why aren’t they ranked higher?  Their two losses are to #1 Notre Dame and #6 Kansas State.  I wish K State wouldn’t have stuck their own thumbs up their own a$$e$ at Baylor.  A K State/Notre Dame championship would have been fine with me.

     Bob thinks I need to build a bigger parking lot for Sunday afternoon goat workings.  There was a pile of trailers full of goats.  And as a result, I am realizing that I am getting fat and old as I am a bit sore after trimming hooves on several dozen goats.  One or two of them kicked my knuckles into the grinder.  Big fun. 

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