After 5:30

     We generally close the store at 5:30.  It is crazy the amount of business that goes on after that time.  Tonight was ridiculous.  Agreed to prices on 2 new combines, a new big tractor and a loader tractor.  Traded 4wds.  The truck driver wasn’t home yet from delivering new stuff and picking up trade ins.  The shop was still installing wheel weights, loaders and fixing stuff.  Then, I went home.  I needed to get away from it all.  If it wasn’t for sticky notes, I would have a hard time keeping track of it all.

     Now, the goats are fed.  Duke was working wethers.  Tammy saw a snake (probably a bull snake which would kill rattlers) in the shrubs on the north side of the house, so now we no longer have standing shrubs there.  Duke hauled the remnants off.  While feeding goats, I saw something  move.  It was a different snake, but now Duke and I have a little (6″) prairie rattler in the freezer.  Yeah, that means there are more somewhere.  Duke and I played catch.  The neighbors stopped in to watch the stupid crap that goes on around our piece of paradise.   

     My head is still spinning from all of the numbers, trucking priorities, goats to buy, showmanship stuff to work on, Duke going to judging contest, etc, etc.  

At least I’m not bored.


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