I search websites looking for info, something cool or maybe just a dang phone #.  I listen to a lot of XM radio.  I have the tv on from 2-6 am.  I may or may not be watching it, but I listen to it.  I look through stock show magazines like I’m looking for a golden coupon–is it on this page, nope.  Whatever catches my eye or ear.  I have never been diagnosed as ADD, but sometimes I will be in the middle of something and OOHH!! Squirrell! Did you see that squirrell?  That reminds me of a story about a squirrell.  

     In other words, if something catches my attention, it really catches my attention, for a short time span.  This is why I like ads.  I would like to have a job previewing ads–nope, that one isn’t worth two squirts of goose $h!t.  That one is okay, but I won’t remember it in five minutes.  Then there are some real good ones.  The kind of ad that makes me want to make a sandwich out of that stuff and I don’t even like sardines.  

     Take a few seconds and think of the best or most memorable ads of all time.  

     I immediately think of my favorite which was a Tabasco commerical back in 1998.  No words, a guy eating Tobasco on a slice of pizza.  A mosquito lands on him, gets a load of blood, flies off and explodes.  I have always liked Tabasco.  Likewise, I haven’t had too many problems with mosquitos.  

     It is kind of cool to google the best ad campaigns of all time.  Avis–We Try Harder; Miller Lite–Tastes Great, Less Filling;  Clairol–Does She, or Doesn’t She are consistently listed in the top ten.  These may date you if you remember them.  One of the most consistently listed #1 ad campaigns of all time is–Think Small. I don’t remember it, but it was Volkswagen pushing the original beetle.  

     The big time ad campaigns that I remember are Nike–duh–Just Do It and several of McDonald’s and Coca-Cola’s (remember new Coke).  My Granny stock piled old Coke, then she ran out and bought that new crap, until they came out with Coke classic.  

      How about the ones that matter to us?  Ag products have launched some of the most successful ads of all time.  Think about it.  

Beef–it’s what’s for dinner.  Pork–the other white meat.  The incredible, edible egg.  And even though I am lactose intolerant, I love this product and the ads–Got Milk?  I do, but then I’ve got to get to a piece of porcelain in a hurry.  Speaking of milk products, I have a great story that happened in Sonora, TX involving Thompson, Poe Cat, Milligan, myself & ice cream and then we named a buck Rainman.  It was classic. And I wasn’t the one that walked with a limp for a day or two.  Speaking of ADD, it might have just kicked in.  Back to the topic.  

     When ag producers put their minds to it, they can make the best ads.  Why?  Because EVERYBODY needs our products.  Even pamela anderson and carrie underwood need our products.  Fruits, vegetables, meat, pills made out of ag products, leather car seats, whatever.  Like the old OK Farmers Union slogan, “If you eat, then you are involved in agriculture.”  

     We, as ag producers, need to be running ads constanly.  Remind people WHY!  Don’t leave it an open ended question, tell them.  Tell them that WHY they can’t live without agriculture.  Show them pictures of what it is like without ag products.  Don’t let them think about it.  Tell them what they need to know.  The general public is basically not an intelligent being.  Think doe goat.  They want to be given everything and not do much to earn it.  Look at twitter, facebook and the internet.  “If it’s on the internet, it has to be true.”  Hhmm–straight from a dang insurance commercial.  

    People, today, don’t do much homework.  They will listen to gossip, read posts/blogs/emails and look at a picture.  Run an ad.  Promote your product.  But, then back it up.  If you say it, back it up.  Some can, most can’t or won’t.  But they will cash a check if given the opportunity.  Who is the best at what you are interested in?  Think about it.  


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