In America, one of the the most often used acronyms is a four letter unit known as ESPN.   Yes, the sports conglomerate that dominates all things sports.  Some of their stuff is awesome, namely the 30for30 spots that they have done.

I am of the age that remembers ESPN when it got started.  It was the first time that I watched Australian Rules Football, rugby, poker and arena football.  They also had the friday night fights which was the first time that I watched Mike Tyson.  Their anchors became tv icons.  Chris Berman, Dan Patrick, Keith Olberman, etc, etc.  They added channels…ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN classic, etc. etc.   And then, they became so big that a movie made fun of them.  Back in 2004, the movie Dodgeball even poked fun at them. They made up an ESPN channel for the obscure sport of dodgeball.  Yeah, you all know what I am writing about.  The Ocho.  ESPN 8.

I don’t know if you all caught it today or not.  I did.  At 5 am this morning, as I watched the start of Golic & Wingo, I realized that something was going on with ESPN2.  They were calling it “The Ocho”.  It was 8-8-2018.  Dude, they dedicated an entire channel to obscure sports for this date.  And I had to go to teacher meetings?   WTH?!

I watched stuff about corn hole, rock/paper/scissors, darts, trick pool shots and dodge/juggling (yes, exactly as you read it).  I missed the light-saber fencing and goat roping.   But I caught the ending of the over-time dodgeball game between Malaysia and England.  (What?)

The cool thing was the “OCHO” logo.  It had a small wrench under the wording “The OCHO”.  Just a nod to the movie.  I love it.  And then, they ended the night with the Dodgeball movie.  I bet the ratings for the OCHO channel was off the hook.  I like the fact that they used some humor from a movie to acknowledge their origins and made it fun.

Of course, I am a bit twisted and I remember the lines from the announcers of the Dodgeball tourney.

“Do you believe in unlikelihoods? Average Joe’s shocking the dodgeball world and upsetting Globo Gym in the championship match. Unbelievable. I have been to the Great Wall of China. I have seen the Pyramids of Egypt. I’ve even witnessed a grown man satisfy a camel. But never in all my years as a sportscaster have I witnessed something as improbable, as impossible, as what we’ve witnessed here.”

Truth Be Told, I only remember the part about the great wall, pyramids and a camel.

No matter how big or famous one becomes, there isn’t a thing wrong with acknowledging your background and heritage.  Too many out grow a situation and forget what got them to that point.  We dang sure ain’t one of the big ones, but I do like to look back and remember what it was like fifteen years and where the fun was.  Sometimes, in the goat industry, I feel like I’m just playing a fun game like dodgeball.  And other times, I feel like I am dodging, ducking, diving, dipping and dodging a flying wrench…or two.

Have a good one, or eight of them.  And of course, a better tomorrow.

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