I’ve been reading a post on this evening.  Now, I”m trying to decide if being “abrasive” is a positive or a negative.  I’ve decide that abrasive is a positive.  Let’s take a look.  

The abrasion caused by glaciers slowly moving made most of North America’s landscape.–Positive (well except for the beauty known as the Texas panhandle).

The use of abrasives helps a woodworker sand a rough piece of wood into a polished, beautiful piece of craftsmanship.  Positive.

The abrasive use of sand, walnut shells or glass beads while sandblasting helps clean and polish metal to a smooth finish that readily accepts a primer and paint.  Positive.

Hey, what the…well now that I read this again, I realize I know who he must be talking about.  But, wait, the Poe Cat isn’t grey headed yet and well hell, when I read middle aged, grey headed, opinionated, abrasive, etc., I thought Bryan Kennedy isn’t a former ag teacher yet.  Who the…what the…that dang ex-car salesman, goat buying, internet junkie, house flipping son-of-a is calling me abrasive.

Now, I know that abrasive is a positive.  

Using a “middle aged, grey headed, opinionated, abrasive, successful, blogger and former Ag. Teacher” usually achieves desired results when dealing with…..

anything that needs the rough edges smoothed off…metal, goats, wood, landscape, people, etc..  The Dragon Lady has just informed me that an abrasive is not always positive.  

All I know is that between this website and that one, there are plenty of opinions (and good reading) to go around.  I’m just glad that I’m not opinionated, I’m just always right.

I’ve seen some really good goats the past week and even better kids.  Lots of families trying to do stuff right.  This is what makes it fun and keeps an addict going.   Hopefully, some hard work will pay off for people.  

On that note, our academic specialist came home today with a slew of good grades for a change.  He had five (5) papers with a score of 100.  We praised him, hung the papers on the fridge and asked him if he had homework tonight.  Of course, he did.  And now we know that he is capable of doing good work and it will be expected in the future.  He isn’t so happy now.

On a Duke note:  Sunday afternoon, my dad (speaking of opinionated) shows up to feed heifers.  He hung up a calendar from the Gage Locker of ladies doing carpenter work.  Nothing dirty, just pics of ladies that probably didn’t actually do any carpentry work. All clothed–professionally photographed.  Good photos, tastefully done, like Big I and Milligan took the pics with Schoovy and Sessions holding the lights and Bob Seelke tellling them where to aim the cameras.  Anyways, Duke looked at the calendar and grinned.  As a dad, I thought “Yes!!  That’s my boy.”

Later that evening, the Dragon Lady, Duke and I were watching the halftime of the Super Bowl entertainment.  Beyonce and her crew were strutting their stuff on stage.  I looked at Duke and asked, “What do you think of that?”   He grinned and said, “I’d kind of like to have a calendar of that.”  He might not be a valedictorian, but I like the way he’s thinking.


Pray for rain.


Stay flexible, but not limp.

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