About time

I have really liked the wether feed bill the past two months. Why? Because there hasn’t been hardly any wethers on feed at our house. But, that is getting ready to change. I think all of the kids were glad to have a break after OYE with no wethers to exercise, but now the kids are starting to get a little antsy wondering when I’m going to have some goats for them. Braden is constantly wanting to know if I’ve found one for him and when I’m going to look. Both Taylor girls hit me up this past week. Their pens are empty and they need goats.

I’ve normally bought a lot of wethers by now, but this year has been different. I couldn’t go to Kelly’s sale as that was when Kela was leaving for Australia. Didn’t like some others, so I didn’t try to buy them. My next set and Tyke’s won’t be ready to wean till middle of June. Helm’s doesn’t start selling until June. Gallagher is having a sale this weekend. I will try to purchase something there, but it might get a little high.

I will put a lot of emphasis on buying wethers from breeders that are involved in the Lone Star Elite and Champion’s Choice jackpot. Those shows are well worth it.

Duke has a Rainman wether from Poe on feed and that is it. I thought he might weigh in the mid 60s. Big Bill told me that I was full of crap, so we weighed him yesterday. I was wrong. He weighed 77. So that goat isn’t eating a whole lot now for a while.

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