A Classic!!

     I don’t know who did it.  I know that it has racial overtones.  I also realize that people lost their lives in the crash.  I know that it is not politically correct.  But I also know that it is dang funny.  If you haven’t seen it, then you need to…the you tube video of the San Francisco news station reporting the names of the pilots of the Asiana airlines flight 214.  The news lady reports the names with all seriousness.  How she didn’t clue in is beyond me.

     I’m sure somebody at the NTSB is in deep crap over this and whoever typed it on the teleprompter is probably canned also.  But, wow, they’ve got a story.  The news station has ran aoplogies and corrections.  Rush Limbaugh wants to hire whoever is responsible.  

The names as originally reported were:  Captiain Sum Ting Wong,  Wi Tu Lo,  Ho Lee Fuk & Bang Ding Ow.

It’s wrong, but it is way funny.