We should all take a second or three, and maybe even a 4th and remember all of the people that brought us the independence and freedom that we have here in the good old US of A.  Without their sacrifices, well, it just wouldn’t be the same.  

       I spent time on the barn roof today.  Too high.  Too windy.  I did NOT enjoy it.  I’m fine with heights as long as I am in that cage, but once out on a 20 foot something roof, not fun.  Hauled tree limbs to the burn pit.  Not fun.  Duke went to Gambill’s so he could go watch Tony Sessions race tonight at Longdale.  

     Duke and I did dig taters this morning.  Afterwards, Tammy cooked us some Independence Day Fries.  We had Red, White and Blue taters freshly dug, washed and sliced for fries.  To top it off, we had pork burgers from one of Duke’s pigs.  Hard to put a price tag on a homegrown meal especially when the Dragon Lady is the chef.   The garden project has been kind of cool.  We have a donkey-load of taters with more to dig.  The wind has played heck with the sweet corn.  Once, we got the rabbits stopped, the tomatoes are starting to do something.  And the peppers are coming on.  I’m not going to have many carrots, but there ought to be enought to go in a pot roast dinner.  I’d bet money that there is a BIG garden next year.  

      Rumour Has It has been pissed at me for the past week or so.  He’s been penned by himself, next to 70 or so does.  He is on a hunger strike.  It won’t be long and we will be buddies again.  He’s getting ready to get all of the action that he can stand.  He has only been cut off of live action since February.  His last strike was born on the 3rd.  

        Here’s to all that has made this nation great.  We are also one day closer to getting a new president.  Thanks to all the veterans.  I hope your 4th was full of great fireworks, good friends and great times.