20/20 vision

I’ve had a right eye that got damaged back in the 80s.  I haven’t had 20/20 vision for decades.  And now that 2020 is upon us, I don’t think that I want 2020 vision.  I can’t believe some of what I am seeing, nor some 0f what we can’t see.  It is hard to believe that some are this stupid.  Yet, others are letting these dumb bastards lead the way.  What?  None of this makes sense.

Yeah, I learned to judge with one good eye.  And I like to handle kids/lambs with one hand.  I don’t mind handing a prospect off to somebody I trust.  Otherwise, I’m fine by myself.  I’ve done it before.

I had corn and taters that were dang neart blown out of the ground from the winds yesterday.  Peppers that got their leaves wind burnt.  Never seen that before.  Today, a plague of small grasshoppers, like I’ve never seen before.  Hunh?!  Of all years, 2020 should be a garden year.  The struggle is real.  Sevin dust didn’t work.  Malathaian here we come!  Man that stuff smells.

Weaned a set of goats.  Got some news on the ground.  Have a good one.


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