2 Prayers

     It could always be worse. You could live in Moore, OK.  How about that crap?  Such force, fury and destruction.  If they only lose 24 people to that tornasty, then that is astounding.  For such a wicked tornasty to hit a populated area, schools included and not kill any more than that is a GOD send.  I wouldn’t wish one killer tornasty on any town, but Moore has been hit by two of these monsters.  Unthinkable.  We all need to pray for the people that lost lives, loved ones and property the past couple of days.  

     Speaking of prayers, if you haven’t seen the video of the old lady being interviewed about riding the storm out in the bathroom, holding her dog while sitting on the toilet, then you need to.  Her house is leveled.  Her neighborhood gone.  She has some abrasions, but lost her house, possessions and her dog.  But one prayer had been answered.  She was okay.  As she is being interviewed, a reporter notices something moving underneath the rubble.  Holy jeeminy, it’s the dog.  Alive!!  The old lady got the dog out, started thanking GOD and said, “GOD answered two prayers today.  He let me be okay and he saved my dog.”  

     How did she live through this?  How did the dog make it throught it?  How can anybody watch this and not realize that there is a GOD.  If you don’t cry while watching this video, then you are dang sure tougher than me or just a heartless POS.  I’ve watched it twice and cried twice.  It’s like watching Lonesome Dove when Gus is on his death bed.  I cry every time.  

     As I am writing this, the mainstream media news is actually reporting several other stories of people praying as this tornasty passed over.  People clutching, praying, losing their homes, possessions, but not their lives.  Hhmm?  It seems praying to GOD might be how to survive a tornasty.  And probably a lot of other things as well.