Zoo or Zu

     We had some visitors from Colorado on this fine evening.  I absolutely enjoyed this evening.  Why?  Well, let me tell you.

They are repeat visitors.  They have been known to bring me Samoa girl scout cookies.  But not this time.  They did better.  They rolled in with a freshly built aluminum popper–“shop built”  as in ag ed shop built.  Well done.  Not something done by SCABBO productions.  This wasn’t for me, because they were going to haul animals home in it.  But, they also had a big ass rectangular, wooden, hinged device on top of the popper.  Like a big dang coffin.  Except 90 degree angles on all 4 corners.  WTH?

     They needed to haul cookie dough home from Pullan’s; so they built a deal to haul cookie dough.  Me, I would have bought new ice chests.  Leave it to ag teachers to turn an animal buying trip into a fund raising/livestock evaluation class/teachable moment/good times kind of trip.  One of these dudes is a current CO ag teacher.  He isn’t in the career for the money.  He loves his job, and it was infectious to listen to him talk about it.  Obviously, he is young.  I hope he stays fired up.  The other…an ex ag teacher that is in charge of a big part of CO AgEd/FFA department–who might also be the former ag teacher of Okie goat royalty.  HhMm?!   Maybe Elliott and Grayson have met him?  I don’t know.  What state is Julie Milligan from?

   What was so cool about this deal?  I didn’t sell a goat and it wasn’t a waste of my time.  They came with a budget and a limit of how many to buy.  Didn’t buy a thing…yet. There were plenty of goats in their budget.  But these dads were playing ag teacher.  Oh, did I forget to mention that they brought their 9 & 10 year old daughters?  They caught every goat, handled every goat (even the shitty ones)  and talked reasons with their kids.  It was awesome.  I love it when somebody reminds me why we do this.  There were a lot of teachable moments…for kids and adults.  The weather was beautiful tonight, but the experiences were better.  I heard a new joke from this crew.


“So, I went to the zoo yesterday.  

They only had one animal.  

It was a Shit-Zoo.”  


I love it! If you don’t get it, go slam your head in a sliding glass door.  Which head?  If you have to ask, then it doesn’t matter.