Zip Code

No matter the zip code, every school group has the same issue to deal with, and that issue would be fund raisers.

It doesn’t matter what zip code you live in, roughly 10% of the group will do 90% of the work.  There is always a few behind the scenes that are planning, coordinating and ram-rodding the entire effort.  I’ve taught at schools in 4 different zip codes and dealt with ag fund raisers in numerous more zip codes.  This almost always holds true.

This percentage is not a bad # as compared to the the people that have been elected to govern us.  That small # of 435 members of the house of representatives, 100 U.S. senators, the POTUS and some appointed officials such as supreme court justices and cabinet members make up a small percentage of the U.S. population AND those elected people don’t always push for the agenda of the majority.  I digress.  Back to fundraisers.

I didn’t want to operate a concession stand at a pig jackpot.  But, given the current economic climate, I am worried that our Shattuck Ag Booster auction may not be as strong as it has been in the past.  Plus the fact that we have over 40 showmen to support instead of 30 something like we have done the past 5 years.  So when other groups turned down these concession stands, my dumb ass spoke up and now…. I am a wore out old donkey.  But, I am in a good humor.

First off, school is not in session, and the holidays make for a trying time to coordinate efforts.  My thumb is sore from texting every family but it worked.  Second, the Shattuck basketball teams played in OKC at the Chesapeake Energy Arena on Saturday night.  That meant a pile of families would be attending that and therefore spending the night in OKC.  So, workers were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.  The ones that couldn’t be there were required to bring a pile of pop and hamburger buns.  It wasn’t fun and it wasn’t easy but a 100% participation rate was achieved.

The parents and kids that came to work the concession stands were Off The Hook Wicked Awesome!  Of course it always helps when you have a couple of horses like the Dragon Lady and Tiffany Schultz to help.  Ol’ Kelln might have the final say but I dang sure know who the bosses are.  Numerous other parents stepped up and made hands.

Running a concession stand can be an educational event.  Several younger kids were working to keep pop & water full.  Others worked the show arena.  Older kids were working like sled dogs.  And when we needed to move product like brownies or pickle pops, I turned the kids loose to move said product and make some money.  Eye contact, respectful greetings, up-selling to added product sales (would you like a drink or chips with that?)  and throwing in an extra to high volume customers.  Facts like keeping the coffee hot & fresh, keeping the cold drinks cold and snacks visible to consumers were not lost on the kids.  They got it.

I have zero complaints with our people.  Of course, it isn’t hard to motivate people when the cause is good and there is a scary person barking commands that “you will do this or these are the repercussions”.

In closing, here is what I know to be fact about ag booster fundraisers.  They will require a butt-load of work from a few people.  All parties CAN, SHOULD and MUST have some skin in the game.  And no matter what zip code you are in, some of your best workers will be the people that need the least help.  They don’t need or want the added money, they would show if they didn’t get any money from a booster club.  These type of people believe in the program so much that they are willing to work…not to benefit their own kids, but to help all kids.  That, my friends, is an awesome thing, no matter what species of stock you show or what zip code you put at the end of your address.


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