Young Bucks

These things can be frustrating.  Especially, if you don’t have time to sit, watch and make sure that they consumate the deal.  Sometimes, you just have to put the doe in with them, walk off and hope that they get it done.  However, if you had a young buck just running with some does, and you were thinking that they couldn’t possibly breed a doe yet, then they would settle all of them.  

I’ve got a couple of pens of young bucks that are getting fed out.  Some willl be for sale, some will be kept here.  There are no does in their vicinity, in order to keep them from rutting.  However, it is gross to go anywhere near those pens.  Lots of disgusting behavior.  

We are going to end the year on a positive note.  We picked up some freshly made chex mix.  There is a Papa John’s pizza opening in Woodward.  It still hasn’t rained but that means that we are one day closer to the next rain.  Kela is back in LA.  And the wind is still blowing.  I guess not everything is perfect.  But it could always be worse.