You serious Clark?

I can easily argue that Christmas Vacation is the best written movie of all time.  So, so many good lines from that movie are used on a regular basis.  Even when it isn’t the Christmas season.

I used one just this evening.  The Dragon Lady told me that Taylor Parrish won a showmanship division at Denver.  COOL!  So, I texted her dad and said to tell her “Congrats from the Kelln Krew.”  He responded with “She said Thank You.”  Then he added, this is the first buckle that she’s ever won for showmanship.

Wait? What?  RUSM?

So, I responded with the “You serious Clark?”  His response was appropriate and was fitting of Cousin Eddie.  (actually cleaner than I expected)

That girl has been to a lot of shows, showing does & wethers, and has ALWAYS been in the top end of the showmanship lineups.  I feel safe saying that she has been in the top end of the OYE showmanship contests.  But no buckle?  I guess there are a lot of winning plaques and banners in her possession.  But, yes, that first buckle is always cool.  Dang cool!

I would compare that first showmanship buckle win to the jelly of the month club.  From now on, every time she holds that buckle it will feel like the gift that keeps on giving.  Beings that she is a senior it might be her first and, well, maybe her last, (use this for motivation if need be).  Just think how much sentimental value will be tied to that buckle.

Tammy and I have been honored to know this family for several decades.  Good, good people.  Both sides.  It might not be an Angus heifer that girl is showing but I can guarantee you that there is a PROUD set of grandparents near Red Rock, OK.  And I can only imagine how wound up her great-grandpa Cotton would be.

Haaa!   Somewhere east of Billings, OK, there is a wicked cool old outlaw thinking “Bout time ol Mikey’s girl won a buckle at Denver.”   And people, when a dude named Albert Stehno says, “Let me tell you a story about winning buckles at Denver.”   You best shut up and listen.  I’ve got some stock show stories but I ain’t got nothing compared to that guy.

Congrats to Taylor Parrish on gathering that buckle!  Job well done.

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