Supposedly these Yeti coolers are bear proof.  A bear can’t break the hinges, open the straps or crack the outer shell.  Well, I haven’t seen a bear attack a Yeti cooler.  However, I can tell you these coolers are Deere proof.

I was performing some agricultural tasks such as cultivating and then running the drills to plant some summer cover crops.  I had a Yeti cooler baling wired to the frame of the front of the John Deere drills.  This cooler contained ice and fuel which is used to keep the auto-steer operational in the cab of the tractor.  Anyways, I hit a furrow and it bounced the cooler off the frame and left it hanging by the handle, at an odd angle.    The handle came off the cooler which let the Yeti fall right in the path of the drills.  The Deere drills went over the cooler.  I stopped, went and picked up the wounded Yeti. I put the handle back on it, wired it in a different spot, checked the contents and went back to drilling.  It now has battle scars.  The drill disks did do some slicing but the cooler is still intact.  The lid seals tight.

Today, I am happy to report, the ice is still good in the cooler.  Oh, I can also report that the Dragon Lady isn’t as impressed with this as I am.  Maybe, just maybe, it was actually her Yeti cooler that got run-over.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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