Yes, we are having a buck sale.  No it isn’t any later than last year.  We are going to clip and photo the next day or two.  Yes, I would have liked to have it done earlier but there were plenty of things on the schedule. No, I have not told them to put up a banner ad.  I will as soon as I know which date the sale is on.  Yes, there is a buck or three that I like a lot.   They all are good in the right situation.

It is a pain in the donkey for Duke and I to load 8-12 yearling bucks and head to Perry, Ok and be there by 10 am.  But, a central location allows for top end help to be there in a timely fashion.  For some reason, very few want to drive to paradise, so we will just drive to them.  By doing this, it allows for several experts to lay hands and eyes on the stock which helps make an online sale experience.  By the time that we are done, it will take at least the purchase price of one buck to pay commission, clipping and photo charges.  That doesn’t cover the feed bill since last April or so.  Yes, I am saying that this game ain’t cheap.  You gotta spend money to try to make money.  It does not always work out.

Yes, we have mid-February kids.  No, I haven’t seen them much.  The Dragon Lady has been taking care of most of the stock.  Duke has earned his keep.  And I am trying my best to get around better.  Between the OYE sinus crud and this bad hoof, this hasn’t been the best month of my life.  Tammy is fighting the crud as well.  We are both feeling old.  Yes, she still looks better than I do.

Yes, I do enjoy the phone calls from customers that leased bucks.  Several have the issue of trying to decide how to price their goats.  I can be accused of a lot of things, but I do enjoy helping people with their programs.

Cows and calves, does and kids, bucks and photos, throw in a prom this weekend and dang.   Well, here’s to getting stuff done.  Have a good one.  And we are another day closer to going fishing.  Duke is way ahead of me.

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