Yep, I wish it wasn’t true

Yeah, I witnessed the speech from a retired ag teacher that is making all the news.  I also witnessed the other retiree speeches that were AWESOME.  The absolute best part of summer conference is the retiree speeches.  Yes, I personally know Larry Long as well as the young man that was “awarded” the kkk outfit.  This is a good, young ag ed teacher that has already said, “That he was not offended.”  That needs to be the end of it.  But it isn’t the end of it.  And by the way, there was NOT a confederate flag, as if that really makes a rats donkey.  It was a joke that went awry.  That’s it.  Mr. Long is at fault.  That is it.  Nobody else.  You have to know the whole story to understand why a person would even do such a thing.  But, your media doesn’t ever play the whole story.  None-the-less, I got the joke, but even I thought that it was wrong.  I don’t want one teacher’s almost 50 years of good to be marred by this dumb ass mistake.  And I dang sure don’t want a good young teacher to be tied to something like this just because he has a more permanent tan than some of us.   
Mr. Long made a mistake.  An absolute retarded mistake given the current social climate.  However, there is NO other person that should be held accountable for this deal.  I mean NO other person should be the sacrificial lamb.  Mr. Long is a retired ag ed teacher.  It is done.  I grant you that nobody is more upset with the outcome than Larry Long.  He has always been a jokester and this joke bombed.  Bombed bad.  He is done and I hate that this will be his legacy.  But, common sense should now prevail.  Hold him accountable and NOBODY else.  

Cover up? RUSM?   In today’s social media and less than 24 hour news cycle, ALL OF US should be aware when NOT to video, photo or hit “Send”.  I promise you that the NBA, NFL and MLB teach their “employees” not to hit send.  It isn’t a cover up.  This was nothing other than “Damn!  This ain’t going to look good.  Don’t throw gas on the fire by forwarding this crap.”  Once again, common sense should prevail.  Yes, I am aware that as teachers, at careertech conference, etc. it is tax payer funded.  But, NO tax payer funded organization is going to be successful unless it is ran as a business.  Public schools should be ran as a business.  You got a high quality teacher and don’t want to lose him/her, pay them.  It is cheaper to pay for talent than it is to try to replace it.  Likewise, if you have a non-performing employee, send them down the road without all of the paper work that is required to get rid of a teacher.  If you don’t have the money for that activity, don’t do it.  It is simple.  Likewise, if this was a private business, employees would have been told to NOT send that crap.  Not a cover up.  Damage control.  Common sense.  A cover up happens when people get hurt, die, crimes are committed, etc.  Ask hillary the definition of a cover up.  This was a head-up ass moment by Larry Long and NOBODY else.  That’s it!

As I sit here and type with the iTune’s blaring, Cher’s song, “If I could turn back time” is playing.  If I could turn back time, I would have tackled Larry Long when I realized what was happening and then the news spin would be “deranged goat herder assualts senior citizen.”  Dude, I’ve been in the news before, I can handle it.  But, it wasn’t my place to stop him.  And I didn’t.  Nor did anyone else.   And that is what is wrong with our society.  Everybody went , “Dang!  I don’t want to be a part of this.”  Instead, the PR people will make an example out of someone.  The wrong someone(s).  Larry Long is the only perpetrator.  Put him on the news and be done with it.  Plus, the big media wouldn’t give a rat’s donkey about that story if I tackeled him because it didn’t involve race, economics, politics or this bruce/kaitlyn henner stuff.  Basically, that story would have gotten printed in 2 or 3 local papers just for legal and insurance purposes.  Not much news there.  

If u need the whole story, call me.  As usual, the whole story is way better than what the “copy & print” media will put out for the “public” to read.