I’ve got a whole bunch of YEAHHHH!!!

In the beginning, the first and foremost yeah belongs to Turkey Tacos.  Oooh baby, I love me a smoked turkey taco.  I smoked 2 turkeys and a turkey breast for Thanksgiving.  I’ve got me some jive turkey meat to make up some turkey tacos for a few days.  YEAHHHH!!!

Leftover turkey…that means turkey pot pie….gumbo w/smoked turkey…..YEAHHH!!!

Once again, we had Thanksgiving at our piece of paradise south of Fargo, OK, USA!!   My parents, both brothers and families, Duke, Tammy and I.  Kela face timed us to complete this part of our family.  Throw in an uncle, a family friend, and then later in the day another family friend and his cool daughter.    YEAHHH!!!

Friday found Duke and I getting cows AIed.  I’m real sure that conception rate will be 100%.  YEAHHH!!!

Duke shot a really nice 8 point buck.  He has taken Luke hunting a time or two.  I have been watching a really bad ass 12+ buck.  No need to watch for him anymore.  Neighbor got him.  I’m glad he did.  YEAHHH!!!!

I don’t get too fired up about shooting a deer.  There was a time, but that time has since passed.  I would way rather that the younger ones have at it.  I would like to write about my theory of hunting deer….but….I just can’t bring myself to put it into print.  It ain’t right but it is dead on.

It is real cool when a parent shows you a text from their college offspring that reads “I am real glad that dang Kelln made me do public speaking.  He was right.  I am going to use this.”    YEAHHHH!!!!

I’m going to end on a high note.



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