WTH Happened?

I got an obscure text this morning that said “Welcome?”  I didn’t know what it meant and I didn’t have time to worry about it.  Later, I got a call asking what happened to last night’s blog.  I do not know as it was there. But, as I got home tonight, I realize why Ron asked “welcome?”  Nothing but the title was there.

I don’t know WTH happened to it.  I’m sure it was operator error on my part as I am still learning to navigate this new site.  It wasn’t controversial.  Just some random crap about saying Thanks and noticing when Thanks wasn’t offered.  I got enough calls and texts today to realize that obviously several people were bored last night and read it.

Kind of like yesterday’s wrestling match.  Penn State kicked the crap out of Okie State and nobody really knows WTH happened.  It was just a beating.  My brother bought Duke and I tickets but we had too many irons in the fire to go.  It was a record crowd but sometimes a kid needs to finish a science fair project for extra credit.    Priorities.

I distinctly remember writing a blog last fall stating that I was done handing out free advice on these goats.  After the past two weekends of numerous trailer loads of goats showing up, I am now remembering why I wrote that post.  WTH happened?  I’m still a dumb donkey.  It isn’t that I can’t say NO.  I’m not as good at it as the Dragon Lady, but I can dang sure say NO.  But, I don’t want to see kids not succeed if I can help.  Of course, I do get a bit (just a bit, maybe quite a bit) more serious on these deals if it is a goat from us or out of one of our bucks.  I may have told a family, I’ll help on that one from Tyke, that breeder will remember and yeah I’ll take care of that one.  Those two–I’m out.  At times, I want to send the breeders a bill for the feeding advice/hoof trimming/WhateverTH?  I can tell that I am getting ready to head down the same path that I did last night.  Time to quit.

J&J is offering some Dirty Rain semen online tomorrow.  That would be some good stuff to get a hold of.  I doubt that the market will get flooded with his semen.  Use it, hope for buck kids but keep the doe kids.  They are good.

Over and out.

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