Acronyms!  Our world is loaded with them.  Especially since texting became popular.

One of the most popular acronyms is KFC.  I’ve never understood why they needed to change their name from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC.  Something about wanting to distance themselves from using the word “Fried” in their name as being unhealthy.  IDK?   Seems to me that anybody worried about healthy eating probably isn’t going to any fast-food chain.  But now, the colonel’s KFC is advertising that they are now making “Fries”….as in french fries. WTF?  This just leaves me SMH.

Yet, those mashed taters and gravy are pretty tasty.  And should any other place on the planet be allowed to use a spork as a utensil?  I think not.  I got to use one the other day at school.  It was a crappy built spork and it made me want some KFC mashed taters & gravy.

–old school moment–Sniglets.  I think that was the first place that I heard the term spork used.  Rich Hall and the Not Necessarily the News had a segment on words not in the dictionary but should be.

And in my line of work, every year at this time, we get to talk about what FFA used to stand for.  It is hard to argue with FFA not standing for Future Farmers of America.  The membership has vastly grown since the change and the demographics are radically different.  And it is for the better.

In the livestock world, we use acronyms like AI, ET and BTW (is that by the way or…..) those terms all cost money.  But if it works, money well spent.

4o degree temp change from yesterday to today.  Add some moisture and I will need some spectam and smz tablets the next day or three as I can assure you that there will be some goats with some shitty rear ends.


There are a lot of blog moments that never get written because they are NSFW.  So, I will leave you with these facts.  I only eat at a KFC once every couple of years. But, I get to deal with FFA on a daily basis.

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