WOW!!–What O’ Weekend!

     The weekend actually started on Friday night, even though I had to be at the store on Saturday.  Tammy and I were supposed to meet my parents and a buddy of mine from Phoenix at Charlie’s on Friday night.  Well, Tammy and I had to run a little late since there was a whole damn rash of tornasty’s hitting OKC on Friday evening.  The problem….Kela was in OKC on Friday night and Kela’s mom wasn’t going anywhere until she knew that her daughter was AOK!

      We got to Gage later than planned, then stayed later than planned.  But we had a good time.  The next morning came early.  I went to work and it was CRAZY!  The shop was busy, no sales to speak of and parts was un-real.  How many people could come in and look for obscure or non-existent parts all in the same day?  A shit–load.  That’s how many.  I finally got away from the store, stopped to fix a guidance system and made it to the house.  I called Big Bill and said, “Let’s go look at some goats.”  Way good decision.

         We never crossed a state-line.  But we saw a pile of damn good goats on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  Yes, Mom, I know, I didn’t make it to Shattuck for mass.  Instead, I was attending the church of holy cow that’s a nice set of goats.  Then we followed that up with Papa John’s pizza.  

     Let me tell you all something.  There are dang good goats in Oklahoma.  Some at name brand places, others were hidden under rocks but stacked with good genetics.  Got some bought.  Waiting to see where some will be sold.  Nonetheless, Bill and I talked to great people, saw some good facilities and looked at excellent goats.  The first one being the most important.  We did have to dodge some goose crap at one place.

      Anyways, Billl and I packed for a Saturday trip, which means, we didn’t take any extra clothes.  Well, we needed them.  Why?  We ended our Saturday night at Perry, OK.  The goats were way cool and the hospitality was exceptional.  How good was this stop?  It was good enough that you would need to drink 77 glasses of water to offset every 3rd barley pop.  I really don’t know what that means.  I just heard Big I repeatedly say that he had to drink 77 glasses of water.  I bet his kidney’s are flushed out.  

      What I learned from this stop? Big I wants to be in a picture with a great goat (while wearing a pirate patch?).  Brock was happy to be there and Ring, well, let’s just say that I haven’t talked to Ring today, but I bet that I felt better than he did.  Tommy wants to sell good goats to good feeders.  Batman has a wicked HUGE top and there are some really good buck prospects at this place.  That and a whole bunch of really understanding wives.  I do know that supper tasted real good at 2:30 am.  What kind of morons are eating at that time of the morning?  The best kind.

     Big Bill and I climbed off of the living room furniture this morning and headed north.  Bill says, “I guess you have a plan since we are headed north?”  I said, “I think so.”  Several hours later, more goats and we were back to Fargo to meet a fellow goater or two.  

     I can tell you, without any additional BS that there are good goats in OK.  WAY GOOD!  There are even better people involved in this game.  

      How about that tornasty crap in OKC?  I’m glad that I am not in the insurance or real estate business in that area.