Wow! Somebody needs to flush

I did not watch the debate last night.  I turned the channel to the debate and the Dragon Lady heard it.  I got yelled at.  Rightfully so.  No household should have that crap playing.  Even though I didn’t watch it live, I might have spent most of the AM hours watching the replays. I wish that I could sleep like a normal person.  Then, I found humour in the chive posts regarding this matchup of absolute horrible candidates.  One–I don’t like, but at least that one understands business and democracy.  That one would have benefited greatly from FFA public speaking. The other–I just feel the urge to flush a toilet.  I got no words good to say.  We all know that she is a liar…a professional politician…she stole stuff from the white house when she moved out…Dude…I got nothing good.  



“The only winner tonight is the Voyager probe, which is speeding away from Earth at kilometers/second.”

“I dunno guys, but it kinda feels like both teams lost tonight.”


It’s not that there is not qualified candidates.  It’s the fact that the media has kept the best ones from wanting to be the POTUS.  I’m not a republican or a democrat.  I’m an American.  And as an American, I’m telling you that you need to vote and that you need to use common sense.  Don’t worry about what the president can do for you, but what the president can do for America as a whole.  

On a goat note.  This current economic status has me going, “HHMM??!!”  The current lack of genetic diversity of truly good ones has me going, “WT….Hunh?!”  I have spent the last 30 plus years studying livestock species…cattle, hogs, sheep and then goats.  The current goat model does NOT fit anything similar to the other 3 species.  It is a beast unto itself, without comparison.  It can make one just shake their head, utter some cuss words and wonder “what in the hell do we do next?”  Hunh?!  We’ve now come full circle.  Those are the same thoughts that most are thinking about the upcoming election.  Just flush it and go on. 

I will close on this note.  There has been very little that I have agreed with YOUR (not mine) current president.  But I do agree with this statement from the 2008 campaign.  “She will say anything and change nothing.  Hillary can’t be trusted and is not qualified to be president.”  


P.S.  Congrats to the Schovanec family on their res. grand doe at the state fair of OK.  

P.S.S.  I heard a cool story about an ag teacher getting a foreign exchange student from China.  He was worried about spelling the kid’s name.  I understand the concern.  I don’t want to put the name on here.  But it wasn’t exactly the kind of name that one would expect.  Give Pullan a holler and talk to him about selling some high dollar goats this year. Then ask the name.  It’s not what you would expect.  It is a lot like our presidential candidates.  It will leave you shaking your head.