And here I was getting in a good mood about stock shows again……WOW!!!  I got the absolute world record LONGEST text message.  My phone went dead.  Dead from Texts??  Not to mention 27 pics which actually proved my point in some blog months ago.  I don’t like dirty pool.  

Here’s my reply.  

1–If you are reading this, you clicked to this page.  This blog does not show up on a facebook feed.  YOU clicked here.  If you don’t like it, go back to facebook or some other crap.  

2–Take your meds.  

3–This is why I don’t like local shows.  I had nothing to do with this local/county war.  

4–This proves why I decided not to help your family show wethers back in 2012.  The people that I deal with aren’t perfect, but they are good to my family.  That is ALL that I care about.

5–I’m in such a good mood after last weekend and summer conference, that I am wound up about some shows again.  Duke probably won’t win a big one, but his mother and I are focused on the kid, not the animal, the banner or the critiques.  I am sure that Duke’s father is a limiting factor.  We are actually real sure about that fact.  Fine. 


To end with, there is a Dennis Leary song that comes to mind.  And I would like you to google it and realize that “IF the shoe fits…..”  

Here’s to wishing everybody shamrocks and horseshoes!  Some more than others!